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Our non fiction books for kids are full of amazing pictures and interesting facts that
will keep your kids engaged for hours!

Fun and Educational
Non Fiction Books for Kids

Beautiful Images

The Clouducated Non Fiction Books For Kids have beautiful images of nature that help children learn about the world around them. Children are motivated to read because they are naturally curious about their world. The images keep them engaged while learning fun facts and information about science and nature. Kids love to read about fun facts, but the visuals are what make their eyes light up!

Science and Nature Books For Kids

Kids love to learn about nature! In addition to the entertainment value, Clouducated Non Fiction Books For Kids offer valuable information that helps to facilitate a solid education of the natural sciences. Children develop background knowledge and vocabulary that will help them to become more proficient readers and to be more successful in school.

Targeted For Age Groups

Clouducated Non Fiction Books For Kids are written specifically for different age groups. The Clouducated Green Series For Kids is written for very young learners (ages 3-5) in an informative, but easy-to-understand manner. The Clouducated Blue Series For Kids is written in a question and answer style appropriate for young readers (ages 6-8). The Clouducated Red Series For Kids has the most detailed information for older readers (ages 9-12).

Books For Common Core Standards

As part of the new Common Core Standards in the United States Public School System, teachers are focusing more on informational text. Whereas literature was once the focus in the lower grade levels, informational text is now an equal focus. Clouducated Non Fiction Books For Kids are a great way to complement your child’s education, as they support the new Common Core Standards.

Meet the Author

Cindy Bowdoin is a retired elementary school teacher with a BA in Natural Science. She taught kindergarten through second grade for sixteen years. Her passion for children and nature has inspired her to write nonfiction books for kids in order to foster an appreciation for nature and to promote literacy and lifelong learning. Her sixteen years of teaching experience enables her to write for targeted age groups. When Cindy is not writing books for children, she is reading books to her grandchildren!

Clouducated Kids Book Reviews

  • "Excellent close-up photography of some amazingly colorful and attractive spiders. "Spider Facts for Kids" by Cindy Bowdoin will fascinate young children, but do not underestimate your own fascination with the photos and text in this book. The book is rated for ages 9 - 12, but perhaps a more accurate title would be, "Spider Facts for Kids from 9 to 90", because the urge to read on will not dissipate at the age of 12."

  • "I learned so much about frogs. My kids will learn so much! And the photography was amazing! Thank you so much!"

  • "It was really interesting. I liked learning about how many teeth sharks have.Some of the pictures were cool and some were kind of creepy! The sharks were staring at you! Thanks Granddad for buying it for me! Love, Brianna"

  • "My daughter absolutely loves this book. She loves the pictures and wants me to read it aloud to her every day. I love that she is learning so much during our reading time!"


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