Bear Facts – Kids Non Fiction Book (Ages 9-12)



Bear Facts For Kids Ages 9-12

In the Clouducated Kids Nonfiction Book, Bear Facts For Kids, you will learn many interesting bear facts.

  • Bears are powerful: Bears are incredibly strong and powerful animals. Some bears are more than 10 feet (3 m) tall when standing on their hind feet! Polar bears are the largest land predator. With their strong muscular bodies and large sharp teeth, most bears are at the top of the food chain. Not all bears are big, though. Sun bears, sloth bears, and spectacled bears are smaller bears that live in warm tropical rainforests.
  • The bear family: There are eight species of bears: the brown bear, the American black bear, the polar bear, the Asiatic black bear, the sun bear, the spectacled bear, the sloth bear, and the giant panda. Most bears live north of the equator. Three species of bears can be found in North America: the brown bear, the American black bear, and the polar bear. Brown bears can also be found in Europe and Asia. Asiatic bears, sloth bears, and sun bears live in Asia and giant pandas live in China. The only bear that lives in South America is the spectacled bear. There are no wild bears in Africa, Australia, or Antarctica.
  • Bear habitats: They live in temperate forests, rainforests, grasslands, and tundra. The climate can be very different in these habitats. Polar bears live in the cold tundra, while sun bears live in the warm tropical rainforest.
  • Bears are omnivores: Bears belong to the order of animals called Carnivora. Carnivores are animals that eat meat. But bears don’t just eat meat. They eat plants too. Bears are omnivores. Besides meat, they eat grasses, berries, and nuts. They have large canine teeth in the front of their mouths to catch and kill prey and broad, flat molars in the back for grinding and chewing plants and animals.

In Bear Facts For Kids you will learn:

  • Bears Are Mammals
  • Bears Are Warm-Blooded
  • Bears Are Vertebrates
  • Bears Are Omnivores
  • There Are Different Species Of Bears
  • Where Bears Live
  • How Bears Make Dens
  • Bears Hibernate
  • Where Bears Give Birth
  • How Bears Protect Their Cubs
  • How Bears Mark Their Territories
  • What Bears Eat

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