Bear Facts – Kids Non Fiction Book (Ages 6-8)



Bear Facts For Kids Ages 6-8

In the Clouducated Kids Nonfiction Book, Bear Facts For Kids, you will learn many interesting facts about bears.

  • Bears are big: Most bears are big animals with sharp teeth and powerful bodies. Grizzly bears can stand up to 8 feet (2.4 m) tall and polar bears can stand up to 10 feet (3 m) tall! There are eight different kinds of bears that live all over the world.
  • Bears are mammals: Bears are mammals just like humans. All female mammals nurse their young with milk from special glands, called mammary glands. Most mammals give birth to live young.
  • Grizzly bears: Grizzly bears are brown bears that live in western North America. In the early 1800’s, about 50,000 grizzly bears lived throughout the lower 48 states in the US. As settlers moved west, they cut down trees to build towns, cities, farms, and ranches, which destroyed the grizzly bears’ habitats. In 1975, the grizzly bear was put onto the endangered species list. There are only 1,200-1,400 wild grizzlies in the lower 48 states today. There are thousands of grizzlies still living in Alaska and Canada.
  • North American black bears: North American black bears can be found throughout North America from Alaska to Mexico. They live in forested areas with lots of trees away from people. North American black bears are smaller than grizzly bears.
  • Giant pandas: The giant panda lives only in the cold and misty forests high up in the mountains of China. Bamboo makes up most of the giant pandas’ diet. Giant pandas spend at least 12 hours a day looking for food. They will also eat fruits, tubers, grasses, insects, birds, and rodents. The Chinese government has declared the giant panda to be a national treasure. They are on the endangered species list and protected by laws in China.

In Bear Facts For Kids you will learn:

  • Are Bears Warm-Blooded Mammals?
  • Are Bears Carnivores, Herbivores, or Omnivores?
  • How Many Species Of Bears Are There?
  • How Are Bears Different From Each Other?
  • Where Do Bears Live?
  • Do Bears Dig Dens?
  • Do Bears Hibernate During The Winter?
  • Where Do Bears Give Birth?
  • Do Bears Protect Their Cubs?
  • Do Bears Mark Their Territories?
  • What Do Bears Eat?

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