Butterfly Facts – Kids Non Fiction (Ages 9-12)



Butterfly Facts For Kids Ages 9-12

In the Clouducated Kids Nonfiction Book, Butterfly Facts For Kids, you will learn many interesting butterfly facts.

  • Butterflies are beautiful: Butterflies capture our attention with their beauty and grace. Their symmetrical wings come in a multitude of colors and patterns. They are among the most beautiful insects in the world.
  • Many butterflies live in rainforests: Butterflies like warm weather. Many species of butterflies live in the warm and humid climate of tropical rainforests. Like their name suggests, rainforests get a lot of rain. The warm and rainy tropical climate produces an abundance of plant life, which enables butterflies to thrive. The only continent where butterflies are not found is Antarctica, where it is too cold and there is no food source for butterflies.
  • Butterflies are winged insects: Butterflies belong to a class of animals called Insecta, better known as insects. Insects can be divided into two groups: wingless insects and winged insects. Many insects have wings and belong to the winged group. Butterflies, moths, dragonflies, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, and flies are a few of the winged insects. Insects make up more than 75 percent of all living animals. They are the largest group of animals on Earth.
  • Butterflies are cold-blooded: All insects, including butterflies, are cold-blooded animals. Their body temperature depends on the temperature that surrounds them. They lie in the sun to get warm, which is called basking. They are more active when the weather is warm. They cannot find food or mate if they are too cold. Every morning they find a nice sunny spot to bask in the sun. If they get too hot, they lie in the shade to cool off.

In Butterfly Facts For Kids you will learn:

  • Butterflies Are Insects
  • Butterflies Are Cold-Blooded
  • Butterflies Are Invertebrates
  • There Are Different Species Of Butterflies
  • Why Butterflies Have Scales On Their Wings
  • How Butterflies Get Their Color Patterns
  • Where Butterflies Live
  • What Butterflies Eat
  • How Butterflies Eat
  • What Eats Butterflies
  • Why Butterflies Migrate
  • Where Butterflies Lay Eggs
  • What A Chrysalis Is
  • What Caterpillars Eat
  • How Caterpillars Grow
  • What Eats Caterpillars

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