Dolphin Facts – Kids Non Fiction Book (Ages 9-12)



Dolphin Facts For Kids Ages 9-12

In the Clouducated Kids Non Fiction Book, Dolphin Facts For Kids, you will learn many interesting dolphin facts.

  • Dolphins are acrobats: Dolphins are natural acrobats! They are famous for their ability to leap high above the water. They have been known to leap 20 feet (6 m) into the air. They can dive to more than 1,000 feet (300 m) deep. They twist and turn and do somersaults as they catapult out of the water. Dolphins like to body surf on ocean waves and ride the bow waves from boats. People are drawn to these beautiful, intelligent mammals as they playfully turn somersaults and walk on water.
  • Dolphins are toothed whales: Dolphins belong to the order or group of animals called Cetacea, which comes from the Latin word for whale. Whales, dolphins, and porpoises belong to this group. There are two major groups of whales: the toothed whales and the toothless baleen whales. Dolphins are part of the toothed whale group.
  • Killer whales are dolphins: Did you know that the orca, or killer whale belongs to the same family as the dolphin? The pilot whale is also a dolphin. The killer whale is the largest member of the dolphin family. Male killer whales can measure up to 30 feet (9m) long and weigh up to 11 tones or 22,000 pounds (10 tonnes).
  • Dolphins live in oceans and rivers: Dolphins live in all the oceans on Earth. Some species swim in the cold water near the Earth’s poles. Most dolphins prefer warmer temperature or tropical water, though. Although most dolphins live in saltwater habitats, some dolphins live in freshwater habitats.
  • Dolphins belong to pods: Dolphins are social animals. They live together and take care of each other in groups, called pods. Members of the pod help and protect each other. They take care of each other when they are sick.

In Dolphin Facts For Kids you will learn:

  • Dolphins Are Mammals
  • Dolphins Are Warm-Blooded
  • Dolphins Are Vertebrates
  • How Dolphins Are Different Than Porpoises
  • There Are Different Species Of Dolphins
  • What Dolphins Look Like
  • Where Dolphins Live
  • What Dolphin Pods Are
  • How Dolphins Hunt Together
  • How Dolphins Sleep
  • Where Dolphins Give Birth
  • How Mother Dolphins Protect Their Young

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