Bear Facts For Kids Ages 3-5 “Do You Know Bears?” Non Fiction Picture Book



Bear Facts For Kids Picture Book Ages 3-5

In the Clouducated Bear Facts For Kids Book, Do You Know Bears?, your child will learn many new facts about bears.

  • Grizzly bears are brown bears: Bears are big and hairy! They are strong and powerful! Grizzly bears are big brown bears. Grizzly bears love to eat! They will eat just about anything! Grizzly bears gather together in rivers to catch fresh tasty fish. Grizzly bears need to store up enough fat to get them through the long cold winter. Grizzly bears go to sleep in the winter and wake up in the spring. Mother bears give birth to baby bears in their dens. Baby bears are called cubs. Mother bears take good care of their cubs. They teach them how to find food, chase them up a tree to keep them safe, and give them piggyback rides!
  • Black bears live in forests: Black bears are smaller than grizzly bears. They live in the forest. Black bears love to climb trees. They rub up against their favorite tree. Black bears like to eat, just like grizzlies. Mother bears keep their cubs safe high above the ground.
  • Other kinds of bears: Giant pandas live in China. Their favorite food is bamboo. They like hanging out in trees just like black bears. Sloth bears have long shaggy hair. Sun bears are the smallest bear. Spectacled bears look like they are wearing glasses. Polar bears live in the cold frozen Arctic where it is freezing cold! A polar bear’s favorite food is seal. A polar bear eats about one seal every five days.

In Do You Know Bears? your child will learn:

  • Bears Are Animals
  • Baby Bears Are Called Cubs
  • Mother Bears Feed Their Babies Milk
  • Mother Bears Take Good Care Of Their Cubs
  • Mother Bears Teach Their Cubs
  • Grizzly Bears Are Big Brown Bears
  • Black Bears Are Smaller Than Grizzly Bears
  • Black Bears Love To Climb Trees
  • Spectacled Bears Look Like They Are Wearing Glasses
  • Giant Pandas Live In China
  • Polar Bears Live In The Frozen Arctic
  • Bears Will Eat Almost Anything

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