Bat Facts For Kids Ages 3-5 “Do You Know Bats?” Non Fiction Picture Book



Bat Facts For Kids Picture Book Ages 3-5

In the Clouducated Bat Facts For Kids Book, Do You Know Bats?, your child will learn many new facts about bats.

  • Bats are mammals: Mammals feed their babies milk. Baby bats are called pups. Bats can fly like birds. Do bats have feathers? No! Only birds have feathers.
  • Some bats are microbats: Microbats are usually small bats. They eat insects and spiders. Microbats have tiny eyes and big ears. Microbats use their ears to find food. They make sounds that hit objects and bounce back to them as echoes. Bats find a tasty meal by listening to the echo. Vampire bats are the largest microbat. They eat mice, lizards, frogs, and birds. Microbats sleep in dark caves during the day and come out at night! They come out in the dark night to look for tiny insects they want to eat.
  • Some bats are megabats: Megabats are usually big bats. They are called fruit bats or flying foxes. Megabats have big eyes and long noses. Instead of insects, megabats like to eat fruit. Megabats sleep in trees. They wrap their wings around themselves and hang upside down to sleep. Megabats live in warm tropical rainforests where there is plenty of food all year long.
  • Bats are important: Some animals like to eat bats. Snakes and owls eat bats. People don’t usually like bats, but bats are very helpful to us. Every night, they eat millions of insects that eat our food and us! Bats are not as scary as most people think!

In Do You Know Bats? your child will learn:

  • Bats Are Animals
  • Bats Can Fly Like Birds
  • Baby Bats Are Called Pups
  • Mother Bats Feed Their Babies Milk
  • There Are Different Kinds Of Bats
  • Microbats Are Mostly Small Bats
  • Megabats Are Mostly Big Bats
  • Microbats Eat Insects And Spiders
  • Megabats Eat Fruit
  • Microbats Sleep In Caves
  • Megabats Sleep In Trees
  • Microbats Sleep For Months At A Time

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