Dolphin Facts For Kids Ages 3-5 “Do You Know Dolphins?” Non Fiction Picture Book



Dolphin Facts For Kids Picture Book Ages 3-5

In the Clouducated Dolphin Facts For Kids Book, Do You Know Dolphins?, your child will learn many new facts about dolphins.

  • Dolphins are playful: Dolphins are playful animals that love to have fun. They can leap high into the air and do somersaults. They can even walk on water!
  • Dolphins live in the ocean and in rivers: Some dolphins live in saltwater. Saltwater dolphins live in the ocean. Some dolphins live in freshwater. Freshwater dolphins live in rivers.
  • Dolphins are different colors: Many river dolphins are pink and gray. Many dolphins that live in the ocean are gray and white, but some are black and gray or black and white. Are killer whales dolphins? Yes! They are the largest members of the dolphin family.
  • Dolphins hold their breath underwater: Dolphins are excellent swimmers. They wave their tails up and down and glide through the water. Dolphins cannot breathe underwater. They have to hold their breath like we do. A dolphin breathes through a blowhole at the top of its head.
  • Dolphins help each other: Dolphins live together in groups, called pods, and take care of each other. They protect each other from hungry sharks! They help each other find food. Dolphins use sound to find food. They make sounds that come back to them as echoes. Dolphins eat fish and other sea animals
  • Dolphins talk to each other: Dolphins talk to each other with clicks, whistles, grunts, and chirps. A sound may be a cry for help when a dolphin is in trouble or it may be a dolphin’s signature whistle. Dolphins have their own special whistles that tell other dolphins who they are.

In Do You Know Dolphins? your child will learn:

  • Dolphins Are Animals
  • Some Dolphins Live In Saltwater
  • Some Dolphins Live In Freshwater
  • Most River Dolphins Are Pink And Gray
  • Most Ocean Dolphins Are Gray And White
  • Killer Whales Are Actually Dolphins
  • Dolphins Are Excellent Swimmers
  • Dolphins Can’t Breathe Underwater
  • Dolphins Live Together In Groups
  • Dolphins Talk To Each Other
  • Dolphins Eat Animals In The Ocean
  • Dolphin Babies Are Called Calves
  • Mother Dolphins Take Care Of Their Calves

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