Elephant Facts For Kids Ages 3-5 “Do You Know Elephants?” Non Fiction Picture Book



Elephant Facts For Kids Picture Book Ages 3-5

In the Clouducated Elephant Facts For Kids Book, Do You Know Elephants?, your child will learn many new facts about elephants.

  • Elephants are big: Elephants are big and strong! African elephants have big ears. Asian elephants have smaller ears, but they both have a long trunk! An elephant is the only animal in the world that has a trunk.
  • Elephants cool off with their trunks: Elephants use their trunks in different ways. They use their trunks to cool off in the hot sun or to help them eat and drink. An elephant draws water into its trunk and sprays it all over its body or takes a drink.
  • Elephants breathe with their trunks: Elephants use their trunks to show affection and hug each other. They also use their trunks to play or to fight. Some elephants use their trunks to paint. And most important of all, an elephant uses its trunk to breathe.
  • Elephants have tusks: Some elephants have tusks and others do not. Tusks are very long teeth. Elephants use their tusks to dig. They use their tusks to fight.
  • Elephants have families: Elephants live together in large families, called herds. They work together to find food and to protect each other. Elephants love each other very much! The leader of the herd is usually the grandma. She is called the matriarch.
  • Female elephants stay with their mothers: Males leave the herd when they are about ten years old, but females stay with their mothers forever.
  • Elephants have babies: Elephants get together to have babies. Baby elephants are called calves. A mother elephant has one calf at a time.
  • Baby elephants grow quickly: A baby calf weighs about two hundred pounds at birth! It drinks its mother’s warm milk day and night. A baby calf gains two or three pounds every day. When the calf is a year old, it weighs about one thousand pounds! That is a very big one year old!

In Do You Know Elephants? you will learn:

  • Elephants Are Animals
  • Elephants Are Big And Strong
  • African Elephants Have Big Ears
  • Asian Elephants Have Small Ears
  • Elephants Have Trunks
  • Elephants Use Their Trunks In Different Ways
  • Some Elephants Have Tusks
  • Elephants Live Together In Groups
  • The Leader Is Called The Matriarch
  • Elephants Have Babies
  • Mother Elephants Feed Their Babies Milk
  • Baby Elephants Are Called Calves
  • Mother Elephants Take Good Care Of Their Calves
  • Female Elephants Stay With Their Mothers Forever

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