Bat Facts – Kids Non Fiction Book (Ages 9-12)



Bat Facts For Kids Ages 9-12

In the Clouducated Kids Nonfiction Book, Bat Facts For Kids, you will learn many interesting bat facts.

  • Bats are warm-blooded: Bats are fascinating animals. They are warm-blooded mammals that make their own body heat even when it is cold outside. Warm-blooded animals use energy, which they get from food, to keep their bodies at a constant temperature. Bats are the second largest group of mammals, with about 1,240 different species.
  • Bats are the only mammals that can fly: Bats have a light and slender skeleton, which help them to fly. They do not have feathers like birds, though. Instead, their wings are made of thin, elastic skin that is stretched between long fingers. A bat’s arms and four highly elongated fingers on each hand support the wing membranes. The finger bones are very flexible. A bat can move each finger separately to change the shape of its wings. A bat’s thumbs are small and clawed and can be used to climb or to walk on the ground. A bat can crawl around quite rapidly. It folds its wings out of the way and bears most of its weight on its front limbs. A bat’s hind legs are shorter and usually stick out sideways.
  • Bats change direction quickly: Bats fly more slowly than birds, but they can change direction quickly. Their wings are much thinner than birds, which allow them to maneuver quickly. They need to be able to change direction very quickly in order to avoid hitting something in the dark. Some small bats can hover like hummingbirds. They hover by flapping their wings very quickly.
  • Bats are nocturnal animals: Like owls, they come out at night to hunt for food. Every night, bats eat millions of insects that eat our crops. Bats are important for keeping the insect population from growing out of control.

In Bat Facts For Kids you will learn:

  • Bats Are Mammals
  • Bats Are Warm-Blooded
  • Bats Are Vertebrates
  • Bats Are Nocturnal
  • What Bats Look Like
  • Where Bats Live
  • Why Bats Hibernate
  • Where Bats Sleep
  • Bats Give Birth To Live Young
  • What Megabats Are
  • What Microbats Are
  • What Bats Eat
  • What Eats Bats
  • What A Fructivore Is
  • What Echolocation Is

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