Crocodile Facts For Kids Ages 3-5 “Do You Know Crocodiles?” Non Fiction Picture Book



Crocodile Facts For Kids Picture Book Ages 3-5

In the Clouducated Crocodile Facts For Kids Book, Do You Know Crocodiles?, your child will learn many new facts about crocodiles.

  • Crocodiles are reptiles: Crocodiles and alligators are animals that belong to the reptile group. They are called crocodilians.
  • Crocodiles are good swimmers: Crocodiles and alligators spend a lot of time in water. All crocodiles and alligators are expert swimmers.
  • Crocodiles live in water: Some crocodiles and alligators live in freshwater. Freshwater crocodiles and alligators live in swamps, lakes, ponds, and rivers. Some crocodiles live in saltwater. Saltwater crocodiles live near the ocean.
  • Crocodiles bask in the sun: In the morning, crocodiles and alligators leave the water to lie in the sun. This is called basking. When they get too hot, they swim in the water to cool off.
  • Crocodiles and alligators look similar: Crocodiles and alligators are similar, but they look a little different. All of them have rough, scaly skin with bony plates along their neck, back, and tail. Alligators have wide snouts. Crocodiles have narrow snouts.
  • Crocodiles have senses: A crocodile or alligator has eyes and ears at the top of its head. Its nostrils are at the tip of its snout. It can see, hear, smell, and breathe while most of its body is underwater. It can easily sneak up on an animal it wants to eat! A crocodile or alligator will eat almost any animal that gets too close!

In Do You Know Crocodiles? your child will learn:

  • Crocodiles Are Animals
  • Crocodiles Are Reptiles
  • Crocodiles Lived On Earth With The Dinosaurs
  • Crocodiles Bask In The Sun To Get Warm
  • Crocodiles Swim In The Water To Cool Off
  • Crocodiles Live On Land And In Water
  • Crocodiles Have Long Snouts With Sharp Teeth
  • Crocodiles Eat Other Animals
  • Crocodiles Build Nests For Their Eggs
  • Baby Crocodiles Stay With Their Mothers After They Hatch
  • Baby Crocodiles Are Called Hatchlings
  • Hatchlings Are In Danger Of Being Eaten By Other Animals

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