Cheetah Facts For Kids Ages 3-5 “Do You Know Cheetahs?” Non Fiction Picture Book



Cheetah Facts For Kids Picture Book Ages 3-5

In the Clouducated Cheetah Facts For Kids Book, Do You Know Cheetahs?, your child will learn many new facts about cheetahs.

  • Cheetahs have tear lines: Cheetahs are wild cats with spotted coats. But why do cheetahs look so sad? A cheetah has tear lines that run down its face. A cheetah looks like it is crying, but it’s not! Leopards and jaguars look a lot like cheetahs, without the tear lines.
  • Cheetahs run fast: Cheetahs are smaller than leopards and jaguars, which helps them to run faster! They can run faster than a racehorse for short distances. Cheetahs are fast sprinters.
  • Cheetahs climb trees: Cheetahs like to climb. They climb on trees and rocks to look for food. They look for animals they want to eat.
  • Cheetahs hide: Cheetahs like to hide in the bushes to eat because lions and hyenas will steal their food if they see them.
  • Cheetahs have babies: Cheetahs get together to have baby cheetahs. Baby cheetahs are called cubs. Cheetahs have three, four, or five cubs. A cheetah cub has spots and dark smoky fur when it is born with longer hair on its head, neck, and back. A cub’s fur turns golden brown as it grows.
  • Cheetah cubs grow: The cubs grow quickly on their mother’s warm milk. A mother cheetah takes good care of her cubs. She teaches them how to take care of themselves. She shows them how to hunt. The growing cubs stay with their mother for two years. It is now time for the mother to start a new family. Brother and sister cubs stay together for awhile, but sister soon leaves to start her own family.

In Do You Know Cheetahs? your child will learn:

  • Cheetahs Are Animals
  • Cheetahs Are Cats
  • Cheetahs Have Spots
  • Cheetahs Look Sad
  • Cheetahs Have Tear Lines
  • Cheetahs Run Fast
  • Cheetahs Hunt Other Animals
  • Cheetahs Hide When They Eat
  • Cheetahs Have Babies
  • Cheetah Babies Are Called Cubs
  • Mother Cheetahs Feed Their Babies Milk
  • Mother Cheetahs Take Care Of Their Cubs
  • Mother Cheetahs Teach Their Cubs To Hunt
  • Cheetah Cubs Stay With Their Mothers For Two Years
  • Brother Cheetahs Stay Together

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