Pelican Facts For Kids Ages 3-5 “Do You Know Pelicans?” Non Fiction Picture Book



Pelican Facts For Kids Picture Book Ages 3-5

In the Clouducated Pelican Facts For Kids Book, Do You Know Pelicans?, your child will learn many new facts about pelicans.

  • Pelicans are birds: Pelicans have feathers and lay eggs. The feathers keep pelicans warm and help them to fly.
  • A Pelican has a big body and webbed feet: Its feet are clumsy on land, but great for swimming.
  • Pelicans have the longest bill of any bird: A pelican’s bill has a pouch underneath that is perfect for catching fish! A pelican uses its pouch like a net to scoop up fish.
  • Pelicans catch fish: Some pelicans fly high above the water and dive to catch fish. Some pelicans work as a team to catch fish.
  • Pelicans live together in flocks: They hunt together, travel together, and nest together. Some pelicans fly south in the winter and return in the spring.
  • Pelicans nest: Pelicans get together to have babies. They nest in large groups, called colonies. Pelicans make their nests on the ground or in trees and lay two, three, or four eggs. Mom and Dad take turns keeping the eggs warm.
  • Parents take good care of their chicks: Baby chicks are helpless when they hatch, but Mom and Dad take good care of them. The growing chicks soon leave the nest to join a nursery pod. But Mom and Dad still come to feed them.
  • Pelicans grow: Soon pelican chicks are able to fly and take care of themselves. They are ready to start a family of their own.

In Do You Know Pelicans? you will learn:

  • Pelicans Are Animals
  • Pelicans Have Feathers
  • Pelicans Take Good Care Of Their Feathers
  • Pelicans Have Large Wings
  • Pelicans Are Heavy
  • Pelicans Have Webbed Feet
  • Pelicans Have A Long Bill With A Pouch
  • Pelicans Catch Fish In Their Bill
  • Pelicans Live Together In Groups
  • Some Pelicans Fly South For The Winter
  • Pelicans Lay Eggs
  • Pelican Babies Are Called Chicks
  • Mother And Father Pelicans Protect The Chicks
  • Pelican Chicks Join A Nursery Pod
  • Pelicans Learn To Fly

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