Pelican Facts – Kids Non Fiction Book (Ages 9-12)



Pelican Facts For Kids Ages 9-12

In the Clouducated Kids Nonfiction Book, Pelican Facts For Kids, you will learn many interesting pelican facts.

  • Pelicans live near water: They live in temperate and tropical zones near a body of water along coastal and inland areas. These may include lakes, swamps, coastal marshes, and offshore islands.
  • Pelicans are divided into two groups: Four white-colored pelican species tend to nest on the ground and four brown-colored pelican species nest mainly in trees.
  • Pelicans use their bills to scoop up fish: Pelicans are easy to recognize because of their extraordinarily large bill pouches. Pelicans have the longest bill of any bird. A pelican uses its bill like a net and scoops up fish with the large pouch underneath. It leans forward to drain the water out and then tilts its head backwards and swallows the fish whole.
  • Pelicans eat other animals: They are carnivores. Since they spend their whole lives near water, their diet consists mainly of fish. Besides fish, they also eat other animals, such as frogs, salamanders, turtles, crabs, crayfish, prawns, and small birds, such as ducklings and gulls. They are also scavengers that will eat animals that are already dead. They look for food at garbage sites. Some species can eat up to 20 pounds (10 kg) of food a day. Pelicans do not store or carry food in their pouches.
  • Pelicans have been around for a long time: They have lived on Earth for 30 million years! The greatest threat to pelicans has been humans. Pelicans lose their habitats when wetlands are drained to build roads, buildings, and towns as populations grow. Some species of pelicans are in danger of becoming extinct.

In Pelican Facts For Kids you will learn:

  • Pelicans Are Warm-Blooded
  • Pelicans Are Vertebrates
  • There Are Different Species Of Pelicans
  • What Pelicans Look Like
  • Where Pelicans Live
  • Pelicans Build Nests
  • Where Pelicans Lay Their Eggs
  • What Pelican Colonies Are
  • What Pelican Pods Are
  • Pelicans Take Care of Their Young
  • What Pelicans Eat

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