Pelican Facts – Kids Non Fiction Book (Ages 6-8)



Pelican Facts For Kids Ages 6-8

In the Clouducated Kids Nonfiction Book, Pelican Facts For Kids, you will learn many interesting facts about pelicans.

  • Pelicans have heavy bodies: Pelicans have very large wingspans, which helps them to be strong flyers. Pelicans are heavier than most birds so they have to work hard to get their bodies off the ground. They run across the water, pound their feet against the surface, and beat their wings until they get enough speed to take off.
  • Pelicans soar high above the ground: Pelicans use air currents, called thermals, to help them fly high above the ground. Warm air rises from the ground and pulls in cooler air beneath it. The warm air rises like a balloon and the pelicans spread their large wings and circle on top of the rising air, slowly and gracefully. Pelicans use thermals to soar to heights of 10,000 feet (3,000 m) or more.
  • Pelicans have large bills: Pelicans have very long and straight bills! There is a large flexible throat pouch underneath the bill, which helps the pelican to catch a lot of fish. Pelicans eat mostly fish, but they also eat frogs, salamanders, turtles, crabs, and small birds.
  • Pelicans hunt for fish: Some pelicans dive into the water to catch their food. They soar high above the water until they see a school of fish below. They dive straight down and plunge into the water headfirst, making a big splash. Other pelicans swim on the surface to catch fish. They dip their bills into the water and scoop up fish in their pouches. They look a little like ducks, with their tail feathers sticking out of the water.

In Pelican Facts For Kids you will learn:

  • Are Pelicans Warm-Blooded Animals?
  • What Color Are Pelicans?
  • What Kind Of Feathers Do Pelicans Have?
  • How Do Pelicans Use Their Bills?
  • Where Do Pelicans Live?
  • Where Do Pelicans Lay Their Eggs?
  • Do Pelicans Build Nests In Colonies?
  • Do Pelicans Protect Their Young?
  • What Are Pelican Babies Called?
  • When Do Chicks Learn To Fly?
  • Do Pelicans Have Enemies?

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