Frog Facts – Kids Non Fiction Book (Ages 6-8)



Frog Facts For Kids Ages 6-8

In the Clouducated Kids Nonfiction Book, Frog Facts For Kids, you will learn many interesting facts about frogs.

  • Frogs start their lives in water: Frogs are amphibians that start their lives in water and then move onto land as they grow and change. Frogs are vertebrates like us. They have a short backbone and many other bones too.
  • Frogs have large eyes: Almost all frogs have large eyes, long back legs, long ankles, no tail, and damp, stretchy skin. Some frogs have webbed feet for swimming. Others have large round toe pads that stick to branches.
  • Frogs come in many colors: Frogs come in almost any color you can think of. The colors may be bright and vivid or dull and drab. Bright colors warn other animals to stay away, “I’m poisonous!”
  • Frogs eat meat: Most frogs are carnivores. They eat almost any animal they can find such as insects, spiders, lizards, worms, and even small fish. Frogs hide to sneak up on animals they want to eat. A frog sits quietly waiting for prey. It rolls out its sticky tongue, and curls it back in to swallow the prey.
  • Frogs have teeth: Most frogs have teeth around the upper edge of their jaws, but they don’t use them to chew. They use their teeth to hold their prey. Then the frog swallows the prey whole. Frogs use their eyes to help them swallow their food. The eyes sink down in the body to help push the food down.
  • Frogs have senses: Frogs are aware of everything around them. They have five senses like us. They can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

In Frog Facts For Kids you will learn:

  • Are Frogs Amphibians?
  • What Are Amphibians?
  • Do Frogs Have Bones?
  • Do Frogs Breathe Through Their Skin?
  • Do Frogs Drink Water?
  • What Kind Of Frogs Are Poisonous?
  • What Color Are Frogs?
  • Why Do Frogs Hibernate?
  • How Do Frogs Use Camouflage?
  • How Do Frogs Eat?
  • Do Frogs Have Teeth?
  • Do Frogs Lay Eggs?
  • How Do Tadpoles Change Into Frogs?

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