Raptor Facts – Kids Non Fiction Book (Ages 6-8)



Raptor Facts For Kids Ages 6-8

In the Clouducated Kids Nonfiction Book, Raptor Facts For Kids, you will learn many interesting facts about raptors.

Raptors are carnivores that eat other animals for food. Eagles are among the largest raptors. Owls, hawks, osprey, falcons, and vultures are raptors too. A raptor swiftly swoops down and grabs prey with its sharp talons. It may grab the prey in the air, out of a tree, in the water, or off the ground. Sometimes it eats carrion – an animal that is already dead.

Raptors have perfected the art of soaring. They use natural air currents to help them gain altitude. These air currents are called thermals. Warm air rises from the ground and pulls in cooler air beneath it. The warm air rises like a balloon and the birds spread their wings and circle on top of the rising air.

In Raptor Facts For Kids you will learn:

  • What Are Raptors?
  • How Many Kinds Of Raptors Are There?
  • How Do Raptors Use Their Beaks And Talons?
  • How Do Raptors See?
  • Do Raptors Migrate?
  • Do Raptors Mate For Life?
  • How Do Raptors Attract A Mate?
  • Where Do Raptors Build Nests?
  • Do Raptors Protect Their Young?
  • What Do Raptors Eat?
  • How Do Raptors Hunt?
  • Do Raptors Have Enemies?

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