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Should kids be reading more fiction or non fiction books?

fiction vs non fiction books for kids

When you first think of a children’s book, most people think of a story book of some sort. Usually the story will be a fictional story that teaches some lesson and offers some entertainment. This is great for a child’s moral compass and the creative spirit.

However it is also good for kids to read information about real world facts. The sad thing is, the majority of kids books don’t have factual information about animals, science, etc. Sure there are animal books for kids, but the vast majority don’t offer any real factual information to increase children’s intellectual capacity. We think this is a shame, because non fiction books for kids are both educational and entertaining for kids.

Fiction Benefits

  • Entertaining
  • Learn Morals
  • Foster imagination

Non-Fiction benefits

  • Entertaining
  • Learn real world facts
  • Foster new interests
  • Discover new interests
  • Increases confidence

What fosters your child’s intellectual growth more – fiction or non fiction?

Kids are naturally creative and have a ripe imagination, yet at the same time they are naturally very curious. Kids often ask their parents about the world around them, asking a million questions about this or that. They crave information, but at the same time they are also very imaginative and like to use their imagination.

From an educational standpoint both fiction and non fiction books are incredibly valuable to a child’s development. Fiction books help foster kids creative spirits, while non-fiction books quench their thirst for knowledge and information about the world around them.

No matter what age a child is, they are typically very curious about the world around them. However, as children get older they do tend to gravitate towards informational books like animal books for kids, as opposed to the storybooks.

The Bias of adults

As adults and parents, we tend to assume that children either cant or don’t want to ingest informational based books like adults. The fact is, they absolutely can and they actually really enjoy it! Kids love learning about new things, and looking at pictures of animals, our world, natural sciences, etc.

How some non fiction books increases children confidence

Non fiction books for kids are not typically written for particular age groups. They are usually very broad and attempt to reach kids from any age. This is not the ideal solution because kids are not able to understand or fluently read books for kids if they are too young. Here at clouducated, we have made the segregation of age groups a standard:

Non fiction books for kids by age group:

AGE 3-12: Kids Book Club (Pack of 72 Books)

The books were created by retired teacher, Cindy bowdoin. Since she has had years and years of experience teaching a variety of different age groups, she was able to know what is comprehensible at different age groups. Because the author wrote the books based on different age groups, this makes it so our non-fiction books are comprehensible to your child and hence they start to get the feeling that there ingesting all the information that’s typical of adult books.

Kids are able to ingest non fiction books without feeling overwhelmed by the complexity or amount of information. This fosters incredible confidence in your child, which is so important because it becomes the basis of how they judge themselves in their ability to learn. It all comes down to confidence. The right non fiction books will help instill that confidence in your child.


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