Snake Facts For Kids Ages 3-5 “Do You Know Snakes?” Non Fiction Picture Book



Snake Facts For Kids Picture Book Ages 3-5

In the Clouducated Snake Facts For Kids Book, Do You Know Snakes?, your child will learn many new facts about snakes.

Snakes have dry scaly skin and lay eggs. Snakes are reptiles like alligators, crocodiles, turtles, and lizards. Most reptiles have arms and legs, but snakes don’t. Snakes have senses like us. They can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. Snakes have eyes and can see, but they don’t have eyelids. Snakes smell with their tongues! A snake sticks out its forked tongue and picks up scents from the air. Snakes come in many colors. Some snakes are black. Some snakes are brown. Some snakes are green and blend in with their surroundings. Some snakes have bright colors that warn others to stay away!

In Do You Know Snakes? you will learn:

  • Snakes Are Animals
  • Snakes Are Reptiles
  • Snakes Lay Eggs
  • Snakes Don’t Have Legs
  • Snakes Have Senses
  • Snakes Don’t Have Eyelids
  • Snakes Smell With Their Tongues
  • Snakes Come In Many Colors
  • Some Snakes Are Venomous
  • Vipers Have Long Hollow Fangs
  • Rattlesnakes Are Vipers
  • Cobras Are Elapids
  • Boas Are Constrictors

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