Polar Bear Facts For Kids Ages 3-5 “Do You Know Polar Bears?” Non Fiction Book



Polar Bear Facts For Kids Picture Book Ages 3-5

In the Clouducated Polar Bear Facts For Kids Book, Do You Know Polar Bears?, your child will learn many new facts about polar bears.

  • Polar bears live where it is cold: Polar bears live in the Arctic at the North Pole where it is freezing cold!
  • Polar bears are big and furry: Their long, thick fur keeps them nice and warm on the cold Arctic ice.
  • Polar bears are excellent swimmers: They have a thick layer of blubber that keeps them warm in the cold Arctic Ocean.
  • A polar bear’s favorite meal is seal: A polar bear is a patient hunter. It waits by a hole in the ice for a seal to come up for air.
  • Polar bears leave the ice: When the weather gets warmer and the ice starts to melt, polar bears go inland to find food. Besides seals and fish, polar bears will eat almost anything they can find!
  • Polar bears get together to have babies: A mother polar bear eats as much as she can to get big and fat!
  • Mother digs a den: She looks for a nice place to dig a den and curls up to sleep while she waits for her babies to be born. Polar bears usually have two babies.
  • Baby polar bears are called cubs: The cubs grow quickly on their mother’s rich, warm milk.
  • Mother has not eaten for months and is very hungry: She must make the long journey back to the sea ice where blubbery seals can be found!
  • Mother takes good care of her cubs: She teaches them how to survive in their cold Arctic world.

In Do You Know Polar Bears? you will learn:

  • Polar Bears Are Animals
  • Polar Bears Are Mammals
  • Mammals Feed Their Babies Milk
  • Polar Bears Live In The Arctic At The North Pole
  • Polar Bears Are Big And Powerful
  • Polar Bears Can Swim
  • Polar Bears Like To Eat Seals
  • Polar Bears Go Inland In Spring
  • Mother Polar Bears Eat A Lot
  • Mother Polar Bears Dig A Den
  • Mother Polar Bears Have Two Babies
  • Baby Polar Bears Are Called Cubs
  • Mother Polar Bears Take Good Care Of Their Cubs
  • Mother Polar Bears Teach Their Cubs To Hunt
  • Mother Polar Bears Teach Their Cubs To Swim

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