Parrot Facts For Kids Ages 3-5 “Do You Know Parrots?” Non Fiction Picture Book



Parrot Facts For Kids Picture Book Ages 3-5

In the Clouducated Parrot Facts For Kids Book, Do You Know Parrots?, your child will learn many new facts about parrots.

  • Parrots are birds: Parrots are birds. Birds have feathers and lay eggs. Feathers keep birds warm, help them to fly, and give them color.
  • Parrots are different colors: Parrots come in many colors. Some parrots are red. Some parrots are blue. And some parrots are rainbow colored! Not all parrots have bright colors. Some parrots are green or brown and blend in with their surroundings. And some parrots have just a splash of color!
  • Most Parrots live in warm habitats: Most parrots live in the warm tropical rainforest, but some parrots live where it is very cold.
  • Parrots have strong beaks: Parrots have strong, curved beaks and clawed feet. A parrot’s strong beak is perfect for cracking nuts and seeds. Bananas and pineapples are tasty too!
  • Parrots are noisy: Many parrots can mimic or copy sounds. African grey parrots can learn many words and can even count! Parrots are very noisy in the forest. They squawk, shriek, scream, and screech at each other.
  • Parrots live together: Parrots live together in large groups, called flocks. Parrots show a lot of affection to their mates. They nuzzle into each other’s feathers and kiss!
  • Parrots find a hole for a nest: A parrot couple looks for a hole in a tree to make their nest. Mother parrot lays four, five, six, seven, or even eight eggs.
  • Parrot chicks are helpless: The baby parrots begin to hatch. Baby parrots are called chicks. Chicks are helpless and can’t take care of themselves. Mom and Dad feed them for six months.
  • Parrot chicks leave the nest: Chicks learn to fly and take care of themselves. It is time for them to leave the nest to start a family of their own.

In Do You Know Parrots? you will learn:

  • Parrots Are Animals
  • Parrots Are Birds
  • Birds Have Feathers And Lay Eggs
  • Parrots Come In Many Colors
  • Most Parrots Live In Tropical Rainforests
  • Parrots Have Strong, Curved Beaks
  • Parrots Have Clawed Feet
  • Many Parrots Can Talk
  • Some Parrots Can Count
  • Parrots Are Very Noisy
  • Parrots Live Together In Large Groups
  • Parrots Make Their Nests In Holes In Trees
  • Parrots Lay 4-8 Eggs
  • Baby Parrots Are Called Chicks
  • Parrot Mothers And Fathers Protect The Chicks

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