Owl Facts For Kids Ages 3-5 “Do You Know Owls?” Non Fiction Picture Book



Owl Facts For Kids Picture Book Ages 3-5

In the Clouducated Owl Facts For Kids Book, Do You Know Owls?, your child will learn many new facts about owls.

  • Owls are birds: Birds have feathers and lay eggs. Owls are raptors. Raptors have sharp beaks and sharp claws, called talons. Eagles, hawks, and vultures are raptors too.
  • Owls come in many sizes: Some owls are big and some owls are small. Owls have big fluffy feathers that make them look bigger than they really are.
  • Owls are quiet flyers: Owls have wide wings and lightweight bodies that help them to fly. Owls have soft and velvety feathers that muffle sound. They are the quietest flyers in the world.
  • Owls have big eyes: Owls have a circle of feathers around their eyes that help them to see and to hear. They have big eyes that collect the light from the moon and the stars. Owls can turn their heads backwards to see what is behind them.
  • Owls hide: Owls have feathers that match their surroundings. This helps them to hide from other animals they want to eat. Owls swallow their prey in one gulp!
  • Owls have babies: They look for a hole in a tree to make their nest. Burrowing owls make their nests underground.
  • Baby owls hatch: A mother owl lays four, five, or six white eggs. Father owl brings her food while she sits on her eggs. Soon the baby owls begin to hatch.
  • Owl parents protect the owlets: Baby owls are called owlets. Owlets cannot take care of themselves, but Mom and Dad take good care of them. Both parents help to feed and protect the owlets.
  • Owlets grow: The owlets learn how to fly and take care of themselves. Soon it will be time for them to leave the nest to start a family of their own. Whoo-hoo-hoo!

In Do You Know Owls? you will learn:

  • Owls Are Animals
  • Owls Are Birds
  • Owls Have Sharp Beaks
  • Owls Have Sharp Claws Called Talons
  • Owls Hunt At Night
  • Some Owls Are Big
  • Some Owls Are Small
  • Owls Have Big Wings
  • Owls Have Feathers That Match Their Surroundings
  • Owls Can Turn Their Heads Around Backwards
  • Owls Make Their Nests In Holes In Trees
  • Burrowing Owls Nest Underground
  • Baby Owls Are Called Owlets

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