Giraffe Facts – Kids Non Fiction (Ages 6-8)



Giraffe Facts For Kids Ages 6-8

In the Clouducated Kids Nonfiction Book, Giraffe Facts For Kids, you will learn many interesting facts about giraffes.

  • Giraffes are very tall: Giraffes have the longest neck of any animal on Earth! They are also the tallest of all animals. With their patchwork of reddish-brown spots, they tower over all other animals in Africa. In addition to a long neck and four long legs, a giraffe has an extremely long, flexible tongue! It is 18-20 inches (45-50 cm) long. A giraffe can wrap its tongue and upper lip around something and grasp it. A giraffe uses its lip and tongue like we use our hands.
  • Giraffes can run fast: Giraffes walk by lifting both legs on one side of their body and then both legs on the other side of their body; left legs together and then right legs together. When giraffes run, they swing their back legs outside of their front legs. Although they can run as fast as a racehorse, they get out of breath quickly and cannot run as long or as far as a horse can.
  • Giraffes take short naps: Giraffes often sleep standing up. They don’t need much sleep, though. Giraffes sleep less than 30 minutes a day with short naps of less than 5 minutes throughout the day. Giraffes sometimes lie down, but they are more vulnerable to predators while they are lying down.
  • Giraffes travel in groups: Giraffes roam across the savanna in groups, called herds. They travel together and protect one another from predators. Some groups have both male and female giraffes of all ages. Other groups have only female giraffes and their young. The females help each other take care of young giraffes.

In Giraffe Facts For Kids you will learn:

  • Are Giraffes Warm-Blooded Mammals?
  • Do Giraffes Have Bones?
  • How Many Kinds Of Giraffes Are There?
  • What Color Are Giraffes?
  • What Are Ossicones?
  • How Long Is A Giraffe’s Neck?
  • How Long Is A Giraffe’s Tongue?
  • Do Giraffes Live In Groups?
  • Do Giraffes Talk To Each Other?
  • How Do Giraffes Get Their Food?
  • What Are Ruminants?
  • What Are Baby Giraffes Called?
  • Do Mother Giraffes Protect Their Young?
  • Why Do Other Animals Stay Close To Giraffes?

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